Get Unique NFTs Help Animals

Interactive, collectible, digital assets based on real animals, benefitting animal welfare organizations around the globe.

What is NFT?

The future of digital asset ownership

Maybe you've already heard the buzz about NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), suddenly they're everywhere. They might seem complicated (and they can be) but the core idea is pretty simple: digital assets (art, music, video, etc) represented by unique chunks of data on the blockchain can be bought, sold, and traded on exchanges.

The unique nature of NFTs is what makes them so valuable to collectors. A good comparison is baseball cards, a rare baseball card may have only 50 copies and be worth millions of dollars but for NFTs every single one of them only has 1 copy and when it's bought the owner can prove that ownership through the blockchain or transfer that ownership to someone else for a price. At Pawtocol, we understand the value of unique digital assets and we're leveraging NFTs to help animals in need.

How it works

First, an animal gets paired with a Blockchain Pet Tag and a shelter is selected for donation.

Who Benefits?

Pawtocol NFT is a win-win for everyone involved.

NFT Owners

Users who mint a token get a unique digital asset with proof of ownership recorded on the blockchain and a good feeling while they help animals.

Animal Shelters

50% of profits go to the shelter or rescue that the animal came from when their NFT is minted. If it's not a rescued animal then the user chooses which one to support.

Wildlife Rescues

For our bigger friends 50% of profits will go to the corresponding wildlife organization. Users can always choose to send donations here as well.

Animals Everywhere

When you support an organization that helps animals you're helping animals. Pawtocol is dedicated to helping create no-kill nations where every pet gets a chance.

Find the NFT for You

Step 1: What type of animal's NFT do you want to find?

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